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Whistleblowing Hotline Update - 14 January

— 14 January 2022

Yorkshire County Cricket Club has committed to provide updates on the operation of the independent Whistleblowing Hotline which was set up in November 2021.

Since inception, as of today (14 January 2022), the Club has received 45 contacts which fall within the Terms of Reference of the investigation. 42 of these contacts have been or are shortly to be invited for interview by Mohinderpal Sethi QC and his team at Littleton Chambers, who are running the investigation, and further information has been sought where considered necessary.

Following this initial stage, further investigations will be made and, if required and where possible, further witnesses will be sought to inform the enquiry.

The Club has also received 24 contacts which fall outside the Terms of Reference:

• 9 discrimination complaints that do not apply to Yorkshire County Cricket Club. These complainants have, wherever possible, been given advice as to where their complaint should be directed;

• 15 other contacts including statements of opinion as well as sales and marketing pitches.

Mr Sethi QC is Head of the Employment Team at Littleton Chambers and Chair of the Employment Law Bar Association. He is a leading expert in discrimination and whistleblowing in the world of elite sports, and recently conducted an independent investigation for British Gymnastics into complaints brought by Olympians.

Anyone wishing to lodge a formal complaint about any form of discrimination that they have suffered as a result of any act or omission of the Club can do so using a dedicated email address:

Professor The Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, Chair of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, said: “I would like to personally thank all of those that have come forward via the hotline. Without their experiences, we cannot hope to fully understand the situation and culture at Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

“We have made strong progress as a Club but we know we are on a journey that is far from over. It is through the bravery of those who come forward that we can continue to learn and push for change to create a club is inclusive and welcoming for people from all backgrounds.”